Jennifer McGrew Thomason, Club President, 2023-2024

About The Club

The Rotary Club of El Centro, California was established in May of 1921 by Rotary Club 33 of San Diego, California. El Centro was the first club sponsored by San Diego Rotary, some 10 years after they were established. These two clubs are the first and oldest clubs in Rotary International's District 5340. Both clubs have gone on to establish and sponsor many more clubs in their own distinct regions.

El Centro Rotary is among the oldest, largest and most successful service clubs in the Imperial Valley. Its membership represents the most connected business leaders and decision makers in the region. Each with an individual desire to give back to their community through service. The El Centro Club's rich history is tied closely to the City's own past, including being known for meeting at the legendary Barbara Worth Hotel in Downtown El Centro before it was lost to fire. Now nearing the century mark of its existence, El Centro Rotary remains on the leading edge of serving the community and the world. In both volunteer service and through extensive philanthropy.

To learn more about the club's program of work and annual giving, visit the annual report page in this section of the site.