Jennifer McGrew Thomason, Club President, 2023-2024


Club Service Group I (Club Administration)

  • Program Committee: This committee shall prepare and arrange the programs for the regular and special meetings of the club.
  • Birthday Committee: This committee shall prepare and arrange the monthly celebration of Rotarian birthdays.
  • Attendance Committee: This committee shall devise means for encouraging attendance at all Rotary meetings -including attendance at district conferences, intercity meetings, regional conferences, and international conventions by all club members. This committee shall especially encourage attendance at regular meetings of this club and attendance at regular meetings of other clubs when unable to attend meetings of this club; keep all members informed on attendance requirements; promote better incentives for good attendance; and seek to ascertain and remove the conditions that contribute to unsatisfactory attendance.
  • Nominating Committee: This committee shall meet to develop a slate of officers and directors for the upcoming Rotary year to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: This committee shall track and collect member fines at all Rotary meetings.

Club Service Group II (Public Relations)

  • Club Bulletin Committee: This committee shall endeavor, through the publishing of a weekly club bulletin, to stimulate interest and improve attendance, announce the program of the forthcoming meeting, relate highlights of the previous meeting, promote fellowship, contribute to the Rotary education of all members, and report news of the club, of its members and of the world- wide Rotary program.
  • Weekly Fund Raiser: This committee ensures that a prize is donated for the club's weekly drawing.
  • Public Relations Committee: This committee shall devise and carry into effect, plans (1) to give the public general information about Rotary, its history, object, and scope; and (2) to secure proper publicity for the club.(3) stimulate interest in the ROTARIAN by encouraging its use in the induction of new members, securing special subscriptions for libraries, hospitals, schools and other reading rooms.
  • Yearbook: This committee produces or causes to be produced an annual yearbook of club members that is handed out during the first meeting of July.

Club Service Group III (Special Activities and Fellowship)

  • Visiting Rotarians: This committee shall welcome and greet Rotarians visiting from outside clubs.
  • Fellowship Committee: This committee shall promote acquaintance and friendship among the members, promote participation by members in organized Rotary recreational and social activities, and do such work in pursuance of the general object of the club as may be assigned by the president or the board.
  • Religious Awareness: This committee shall perform the invocation at each weekly Rotary Club meeting.
  • CODGERS: This committee shall prepare an annual barbecue fellowship for Rotary Club members.

Club Service Group IV (Membership)

  • Classifications Committee: This committee shall as early as possible, but no later than 31 August of each year, make a classification survey of the community; shall compile from the survey a roster of filled and unfilled classifications, applying the classification principle; shall review, where necessary, existing classifications represented in the club; and shall counsel with the board on all classification problems.
  • Membership Committee: This committee shall consider all proposals for membership from the personal side and shall thoroughly investigate the character, business, social and community standing, and general eligibility of all persons proposed for membership and shall report their decisions on all applications to the board.
  • Membership Development Committee: This committee shall review continually the club roster of filled and unfilled classifications and shall take positive action to initiate and present to the board the names of suitable persons to fill unfilled classifications.

Community Service Group 1

  • Partners in Service Committee: This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans that will guide and assist the members of this club in building relationships with other Rotary-sponsored organizations within the community and in cooperating with them in service. This partnership includes Interact, Rotaract and RYLA.
  • Human Development Committee: This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans which will guide and assist the members of this club in dealing within the community with the welfare of human beings of all kinds throughout the whole span of life by providing assistance and support to those in need. This would include the S.T.A.R. Program and projects for disabled and senior citizens.

Community Service Group II

  • Community Development Committee: This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans that will guide and assist the members of this club in working to make the community a better place to live by improving the physical condition of the community and its facilities. This includes the annual barbecue funraiser that is held once a year.
  • Environmental Protection Committee: This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans that will guide and assist the members of this club in monitoring and improving the quality of the community's environment. This includes highway clean up that is systematically done to enhance the image of the area.

International Service

  • Rotary Foundation: This committee promotes and encourages participation in Rotary International Foundation through Paul Harris Fellow and Paul Harris Sustaining memberships.
  • World Community Service: This committee plans and carries out projects to improve the lives and meet human needs through international service.

Vocational Service

  • Career Development: This committee shall promote activities that assist young people in the selection of a career. Responsibilities include the annual Senior Class presentations.
  • Four-Way Test: This committee shall promote the awareness of the Four-Way Test by organizing and executing an annual Four-Way Speech competition among local high schools.